39th Annual

Twelve Night Revival

Jan 1-12, 2018







Pastor Edward C. Turner, President

Pastor Charles L. Emery, Revival Chairman 

Pastor De-Wan Bynum, Revival Co-Chairman



7:00 PM Nightly / Saturday Service will begin at 6 PM / Sunday Service will begin at 5:45 PM

Monday, Jan 1

Koinonia MBC, Pastor Laverne Swain, Sr.

510 W 13th Ave., Gary

Evangelist: Rev. Eddie Shields, Evening Star MBC

Presiding Officer: Rev. Darnell Johnson

Tuesday, Jan 2

First Tabernacle MBC, Pastor Dyke E. Lee, Sr.

643 W 41st Avenue, Gary

Evangelist: Rev. Hollis Manna, Morning Star MBC

Presiding Officer: Rev. Dwight E. Mobley, Sr.

Wednesday, January 3

New Shiloh MBC, Pastor Corey D. Jackson

1727 W 15th Ave., Gary

Evangelist: Rev. Curtis Lee, Gethsemane MBC

Presiding Officer: Rev. R. Jerry Protho

Thursday, January 4

Christian Valley MBC, Pastor De’Wan M. Bynum

1910 Adams St., Gary

Evangelist: Rev. Billy Hawkins, Abundant Life MBC

Presiding Officer: Rev. Dyke E. Lee, Sr.

Friday, January 5

Calvary Institutional MBC, Pastor John T. Talley, II

2400 Virginia St, Gary

Evangelist: Rev. W.M. Cruse, Village MBC

Presiding Officer: Minister Dion Brooks

Saturday, January 6

Trinity MBC, Pastor Dwight A. Gardner

1831 Virginia St., Gary

Evangelist: Charles L. Thompson, Jr., Zion MBC

Presiding Officer: Rev. Charles L. Emery

Sunday, January 7

Pilgrim MBC, Pastor Charles L. Emery

1300 W 21st St., Gary

1st Evangelist: Rev. James I Robinson, Sr., St. James MBC

 Presiding Officer: Rev. Dwight A. Gardner

2nd Evangelist: Rev. Chet J. Johnson, Sr., New Tabernacle MBC

Presiding Officer: Rev. James T. Talley, II

Monday, January 8

Mt. Zion MBC, Pastor William R. Collins

1047 Kenwood St, Hammond

Evangelist: Rev. Howard L. Carter, St. Paul MBC

Presiding Officer: Rev. Charles D. Hudson

Tuesday, January 9

Unity MBC, Pastor R. Jerry Protho

2019 Connecticut St., Gary

Evangelist: Rev. Thomas D. Fuller, Holy Bethel MBC

Presiding Officer: Rev. Herman Polk

Wednesday, January 10

Tree of Life BC, Pastor Eric Boone

2323 W 11th St., Gary

Evangelist: Rev. Regan E. Robinson, St. John MBC

Presiding Officer: Rev. Corey D. Jackson

Thursday, January 11

Clark Road BC, Pastor Pharis D. Evans, Sr.

2841 Clark Road., Gary

Evangelist: Rev. Isaac Culver, Jr., Jerusalem MBC

Presiding Officer: Rev. De’Wan M. Bynum

Friday, January 12

New Mt. Moriah MBC, Pastor W.N. Reed

1917 Carolina St., Gary

Evangelist: Rev. Edward C. Turner, New Revelation, MBC

Presiding Officer: Rev. Asher Harris