Join us for our 58th Annual Simultaneous Revival!

April 8-13, 2018


Baptist Ministers' Conference of Gary and Vicinity


Simultaneous Revival 2018 - April 8-13, 2018

Rev. Thomas D. Fuller, Revival Chairman

Rev. Corey D. Jackson, Co-Chairman

Rev. Dyke E. Lee, Sr. General Secretary

Rev. Edward C. Turner, President


  • Sunday, April 8, 2018 – Kick Off Service – @ 4:45 pm. New Mt. Moriah Baptist Church

Evangelist Lineup (In order)

  • Rev. Corey Jackson, Presider, Rev. Leotha Ingram, Evangelist
  • Rev. Charles L. Emery, Presider, Rev. Andre McGhee, Evangelist
  • Rev. Chester Jones, Presider, Rev. Kendal Washington, Evangelist                                      

Morning Service

Monday – Holy Bethel Baptist Church – Rev. Roosevelt Dixon

Tuesday – New Shiloh Baptist Church – Rev. Brandon Jacobs

Wednesday – Christian Valley Baptist Church – Rev. Rakeem Thomas

Thursday – Zion Baptist Church – Rev. Johnathan T. Phillips

Friday – Pilgrim Baptist Church – Rev. Tyquan Sparks

Noon Day Service

  • Monday – Van Buren Baptist Church – Rev. Isaac Floyd, Evangelist
  • Tuesday – St. John Baptist Church – Picture Day – Rev. David Wade, Evangelist – New Revelation
  • Wednesday – Trinity Baptist Church – Rev. Michael Scott, Evangelist – New Tabernacle
  • Thursday – Tree of Life Baptist Church – Rev. Don Chaney, Evangelist – Tree of Life
  • Friday – Clark Road Baptist Church – Rev. Keon Henderson, Evangelist - Clark Road Service Start 11:30 Scholarship Service.
    • Note: Bold location above will serve lunch, pay close attention to location after each noon day service for Evangelist, Pastor’s, and their Wives.  


Participating Churches 

1. Mt. Moriah Baptist Church- Rev. Marion Johnson, Pastor -Rev. Keon Henderson, Evangelist

2. Holy Bethel Baptist Church - Rev. Thomas D. Fuller, Pastor – Rev. Hermon A. Polk Sr., Evangelist

3. Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church - Rev. Charles E. Adams, Jr., Pastor-  Rev. Roosevelt Dixon, Evangelist

4. First Tabernacle Baptist Church - Rev. Dyke Lee, Sr. – Pastor - Rev. Johnathan T. Phillips, Jr. Evangelist

5. New Macedonia Baptist Church - Rev. Chester Jones, Pastor – Rev. Kendall Washington, Evangelist

6. Jerusalem Baptist Church – Rev. Isaac Culver, Pastor – Rev. Brandon Jacobs, Evangelist

7. New Revelation Baptist Church – Rev. Edward C. Turner, Pastor, Rev. Michael Scott, Evangelist 

8. New Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, Rev. W. N. Reed, Pastor, Rev. Keith Tyler, Evangelist

9. New Shiloh Baptist Church, Rev. Corey D. Jackson, Pastor, Rev. Leotha Ingram, Evangelist

10. Pilgrim Baptist Church, Rev. Charles L. Emery, Pastor, Rev. Andre A. McGhee, Evangelist 

11. New Tabernacle Baptist Church, Rev. Chet Johnson, Pastor, Rev. Don Chaney, Evangelist

12. New Greater Light Missionary Baptist Church, Pastor John W. Hightower, Jr. Rev. Tyquan Sparks, Evangelist 

13. St. John Baptist Church, Rev. R. E. Robinson, Pastor, Rev. Charles E. Goodman, Jr. Evangelist 

14: Tree of Life M. B. Church, Pastor, Eric Boone, Pastor Terry Wayne Brooks, Evangelist 

15. Calvary Institutional Baptist Church, Rev. John T. Talley, Pastor, Rev. David Wade, Evangelist

17: Christian Valley Baptist Church, Rev. Dewan Bynum, Pastor, Rev. Issacs Floyd, Evangelist 

18. Christ Baptist Church, Rev. Lawrence E. Robertson, Pastor, Rev. Tavis L Grant, II, Evangelist 

19. Trinity Baptist Church, Rev. Dwight Gardner, Pastor, Rev. Herald Caldwell, Evangelist 

20. St Paul Baptist Church & Van Buren Baptist Church, Rev. Howard L.      Carter & Rev. Dwight Mobley, Sr. – Rev. Timothy L. Dotson

21. Zion Missionary Baptist Church, East Chicago, – Rev. Charles L. Thompson Sr. Rev. Sedric Veal, Temple Baptist Church, Cleveland, OH 

22. Unity Baptist Church, Rev. Jerry Protho, Pastor, Evangelist, E. G. Shield, St. Louis, MO

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